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Detailed introduction of NPK fertilizer production line machine

Le 01/04/2021

Zhengzhou Huazhiqiang compound fertilizer equipment manufacturer introduces the complete set of NPK fertilizer production line supporting machines in detail:

1. The core part of compound fertilizer equipment is of course granulation equipment, including extrusion granulator equipment, disc granulator equipment, roller extrusion granulator equipment, rotary drum granulator equipment and other granulation equipment , Choose suitable granulation equipment according to the characteristics of raw materials.

2. After the granulation is completed, we need to carry out appropriate drying according to the specific conditions of the fertilizer particles, and the drying needs to be completed by professional three-cylinder dryer equipment.

3. Packaging is a process in the 
NPK fertilizer manufacturing process. After the packaging is completed, the fertilizer particles can be stacked and stacked. The raw material accumulation and fermentation equipment includes a trough type stacker and a type stacker. Realize the new design of one machine with multiple slots, effectively saving space and equipment investment costs.


Methods to increase the output of NPK fertilizer production line

Le 01/04/2021

With the development and progress of science and technology, as well as the needs of users, the output requirements of NPK fertilizer production line equipment, so we will analyze some methods to increase the output of compound fertilizer production line equipment:
One. Strictly control the quality of powder

1. According to the formula of compound fertilizer, carefully check the quality of various raw materials such as fertilizers.
2. For raw material discharge and feed, it is strictly forbidden to have iron blocks, stones larger than 10mm, and wood blocks larger than 10mm. Rice bran and sand are not enough quality indicators, too, which seriously results in low yields.

Two, the main technical key to operating the disc pelletizer
1. The particle size of the powder used for compound fertilizer is 70-90 mesh.
2. Improve workers' technical quality and operating skills.

Three. Control the water content of granulated particles

1. According to the characteristics of the powder: composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature, etc., the water content of the particles should be controlled at about 30-28%.
(1) Too little water content, difficult to form balls, low yield;
(2) Too much water content, many large balls, the ball surface is sticky, easy to block the screen surface;
(3) Appropriate water content, many balls and high output.

2. How to preliminarily inspect the amount of granular water during the NPK fertilizer production process: a simple and practical method-hand feel method: Hands grab a handful of pelletized material from the disc granulator, hold it to form a ball, lightly with your fingers It is better to release it with one touch. In this way, there are many granules, high output, and it is not easy to block the screen surface.


Process characteristics and advantages of compound fertilizer production line

Le 20/03/2021

China is a big fertilizer consumer. The production of chemical fertilizers consumes a lot of resources such as coal and electricity, and causes serious damage to the environment. The country is now accelerating its transition to green energy development, using organic waste to make granular compound fertilizer, which can effectively improve soil and land nutrients, protect the environment, and bring huge social benefits.

What are the characteristics of the NPK fertilizer production line, the editor briefly summarizes:

1. Compound fertilizer has wide applicability. Applicable to manure, sludge, straw, grass charcoal and other crude fiber organic fertilizer with moisture of about 30% can be directly granulated.

2. The NPK fertilizer production line has low operating cost, the process does not require drying and crushing, etc., the ball formation rate is high, and the survival rate of biological bacteria is high.

Process characteristics of Zhengzhou Huaqiang compound fertilizer production line

The process flow of compound fertilizer production line generally includes: ingredients, mixing, granulation, and drying, cooling, packaging and other parts.

The equipment layout design is reasonable, effectively reducing energy consumption, the complete set of equipment has high stability and low maintenance cost. Zhengzhou Huaqiang NPK fertilizer manufacturing process has a high pelletizing rate. It can produce various concentrations of compound fertilizer and complex fertilizer.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang compound fertilizer production line can meet the requirements of customers, and can produce equipment with an output of 10,000 to 100,000 tons. It adopts a non-drying room temperature process to produce molding and granulation, with high efficiency and low investment.


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